Mark Maitland


Along side the importance placed on developing this relationship, I use a ‘step by step’ approach, as I gently learn more about the problems you face. With the therapist holding the ladder, you will climb each rung until you reach your therapeutic outcome.

I believe that exploring ones self in this way is a useful and illuminating tool to fulfill our own potential and become the best we can be.

In good quality therapy provision, problems are not only overcome but also unlock the potential to discover a new you: a you that lives with freedom and happiness, confidence and inner wisdom learnt from your voyage of self discovery.

I blend counselling & coaching together to help understand why and where things may be coming from alongside helping you achieve goals and desired outcomes for the future. I help you find your way of developing and overcoming what you require.

Contact : 07545070179

Fees: £50 for one hour.

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